Everything We’d Like to See in Awesome Tanks 3

Awesome Tanks is a top down shooter series that puts players in control of an upgradable tank with the goal of blowing up other tanks. Sounds simple and straightforward enough right? It is, and that is where the fun and charm of this game lies: you play it, and you enjoy the time doing so. Blowing up enemies while skillfully dodging their attacks is satisfying, and being able to upgrade your tank along the way also helps. The game requires a very minimal amount of grinding for credits so you spend more time having fun. With already 2 games out, there is plenty of great things in this game, and we cannot help but hope for even more with the third one.

To say that Awesome Tanks 3 should definitely be on your must-watch-for games list is a given. The first two have established themselves to be great enjoyable games, and a having third one makes absolute sense. For the most part, it would not be surprising if the developers chose not to change much about the game -the 2D sprite based graphics still work, but a little bit of stylizing does help. They can go real modern and gritty, or a bit on the pixel retro side), either way, it works. The same goes for every other element there is as well.

So, what would make Awesome Tanks 3 even more awesome than the original Awesome Tanks and more importantly the second (which was a big improvement on the first)? Well, the first thing the developers may want to consider is a back story. Since the first two games had no narrative at all, the game is ripe for the picking when it comes having creative freedom with the story. Putting in a bit of detail into the stages with the concept of a storyline will make it more engaging and encouraging to play -and besides, you can never too many reasons to blow up stuff.

One critical thing that should also be considered for the game: completely destructible walls. Sure, the idea could potentially make the stage design process a bit harder (as it will make it harder to cluster enemies and formations), but adding walls of various strengths (from easily taken down, to ones that take a long time to crack) could compensate for that factor. Environments are important in top down shooters, and adding such details to a tank based one might just be the one factor it needs to be truly set apart.

Naturally, the most important thing to have with the third game is more of everything. New enemy types, new stages, and of course, new weapon types; the laser and rail gun has been a massive favorite of fans for the first two games -creating equally destructive but more creative weapons would encourage players to approach the game in a new light.

And speaking of new baddies, the one type of enemy that this game could use? Massive bosses. Not just big tanks with plenty of life, but entire battlestations, oversized robots, or even giant flying warships. We’re envisioning bosses with destructible parts that fall off and attack patterns that change and adapt according to how much damage they have received.

Some bosses should even employ various types of shielding, encouraging players to switch weapons in combat as various types of guns can deal with different kinds of defenses. Aside from rewarding players with plenty of in-game cash, bringing down these mechanical monsters is bound to be nothing short of fulfilling.

Perhaps having some sort of multiplayer option would also be fun, obviously not on the scale of the tank mmo game world of tanks but something where you can battle against other players.

It will be a bit of time before Awesome Tanks 3 becomes available, but if the developers ever decide to put in new boss fights in the game, we will be among the first to line up for it.