Fantasyrama Review: Rejuvenating the Tree of Life

Fantasyrama is a browser based farm simulator game; where you plant, grow and nourish magical plants in order to gather their essence to restore the world’s Tree of Life. Players must also take care of magical creatures that contribute to the magical plants’ growth by giving life giving ambrosia. Master the cycle of life and restore the Tree of Life to its once majestic state in this fantasy simulator inspired by popular games like Farmville and Natsume’s Harvest Moon.

Building the Foundations of Life

The cycle of life is a long but rewarding process. To aid players in getting things started is Flora Fairyfluff; she will be your guide and instructor so take heed of her words and advises as you build your magical garden.

Flora will first instruct you to create some plant beds on which you can grow plants on. Click on the Plant New Beds icon to choose from three different types of plant beds, from a small to a big sized one, the bigger the size of the plant bed, the bigger the plant it can contain. Once you have decided on what type of plant bed you want, place the plant bed on the field. You are then instructed to plant some Jade Clovers, but unfortunately you do not have any seeds. Click on the Shopping Cart icon at the left side of the screen to enter the bazaar. After acquiring the necessary seeds, return to the plant beds you have just lain out and start planting those Jade Clover seeds. Information about the plants is listed, such as the amount of experience gained when harvested and the time duration of the plant’s maturity. Harvesting a matured plant also provides seeds, which can then be gathered and replanted.

While waiting for the Jade Clovers to grow and mature, Farrel Faunus – a pixie shepherd advises you to purchase an enchanted creature to gather some ambrosia, which can greatly speed up your magical plant’s growth. So head back to the bazaar and purchase a Blossom’s gecko. Place your newly purchased magical critter on your garden together with its home. Make sure to give it food and water to hasten its growth and ambrosia production.

By the time you are done with the relocation of the Blossom’s gecko in your garden, the Jade Clovers should be mature enough to be harvested – which can easily be seen by the plant’s size. Click on the Jade Clovers to begin harvesting them for essence, experience points and seeds.

Continue to increase your essence and seed production by planting more Jade Clovers. You can purchase other magical plants such as Gilded Bulbs and Red Gorge Lilies, which gives more experience points but takes more time to grow.

Watching the grass grow

Since Fantasyrama is set around a magical realm where fairies, pixies and enchanted creatures roam, we can expect a colorful world filled with wonders we do not normally see in real life. This is exactly what players will find once they start their game. Fantasyrama’s visuals are beautiful, with vivid colors and artistic designs that really capture the game’s magical theme.

Together with some decent animations, the game’s graphics really comes alive as you manage your virtual garden. Players can watch their magical plants grow and actually see them grow inch by inch before reaching maturity. Magical creatures scurry about inside their dens as they grow and produce ambrosia needed to fertilize your magical plants. Other animations in the game’s background are quite noticeable also, like the water flowing down the waterfall or the watermill spinning when food production is underway to provide feeds for your magical creatures. The game’s artists and animators did a really good job in immersing the player in Fantasyrama’s magical world – thanks mainly to game’s visual presentation.

The Tranquil Sound of Nature

The serenity of Fantasyrama’s music really captured the mood of the game. Since the game is about nurturing magical plants and taking cake of enchanted creatures, putting an overly energetic beat with a fast tempo would not fit well with the game’s overall theme. Despite the fact that the game’s music has lulled us to sleep a couple of times, we still feel that it matches the game pretty well. Sadly, there is only one music track that loops over and over again during the game, so it became a bit repetitive and boring later on.

Sound effects are unfortunately missing from Fantasyrama. Most of the things you would expect to hear from the numerous events happening in the game are non-existent – which for us was saddening since the game had so much going for it with its outstanding visuals. Hopefully the developers will add a few audio effects in the future since the game is a browser based title and can easily be updated.

Reaping what you have sowed

Following in the steps of popular farm simulator games in the market right now, Fantasyrama has incorporated not just the tried tested gameplay of other games but included new elements that revolutionized the genre as well. Players are given the task of managing a magical garden where they would need to plant, grow and harvest magical plants to produce essence for rejuvenating the game’s Tree of Life. Learning to correctly manage your resources, such star coins – which is the game’s form of currency, ambrosia, pixie dust and spring water, is but one of the skills needed to be learned by players if they want to efficiently run their virtual fantasy farms.

Caring for magical creatures that produces ambrosia – these serves as fertilizers that can hasten your plant’s maturity, is also part of your responsibility since these creatures needs to be fed, nourished and taken care off to produce those much prized soil enhancers.

Your magical garden has numerous features and structures that can not only aid in your essence production but can also help earn Star Coins and experience points. Assistants can be hired to help harvest matured plants, plant new magical seeds and even take care of your ambrosia producing creatures. Enchanted water that can hasten plant growth can be acquired from the Eternal Spring, while the Feed Mill can produce food for your magical creatures. Knowing how to fully utilize each structure in your garden can definitely save you some time and can help produce life giving essence more efficiently.

Pixie jobs can be taken at the Portal structure in your garden. Taking jobs such as delivering a certain amount of seeds or rearing enough magical creatures can earn you additional experience points and can reward you with a decent amount of star coins. While most of these jobs are easily accomplished during your first few hours of playing, unlocking additional pixie jobs will require spending your most prize possession in the world of Fantasyrama – Lunar Crystals.

Lunar Crystals are rare and are normally only acquired after certain requirements are met – such as reaching a particular level or purchasing numerous enchanted creatures. Like most premium items found in online games, Lunar Crystals can be bought with real money from the developer’s site. But unlike those normally found in other games, Fantasyrama’s Lunar Crystals are actually quite useful in terms of gameplay since they can greatly affect the player’s essence production. Still, it is up to the player’s discretion whether or not they want to invest their hard earned cash on Lunar Crystals or just acquire them normally in the game.

Players can also raise their own virtual pet called Creamagi. This magical online companion is hatched from a Vapor Egg found on the game’s map. They have their own habitat that can be expanded with the use of magical wands – special items that can be acquired from quest rewards or as presents from friends also playing Fantasyrama. Taking care of your Creamagi can be quite fun and beneficial since they have an ability called Aura Frenzy that can affect your magical garden.

The City of Fantasia can also be visited on Fantasyrama’s world map. Players can read news and updates about the game from the developer’s bulletin board, buy premium items and exchange star coins for lunar crystals, fulfill quests at the pixie tower, make a wish at the wishing well – can only be done once per day, and even sell their harvested produce at the auction house. This is yet another great feature introduced by Fantasyrama’s developers which we feel has greatly evolved the farm simulation genre.

Once production has ended…

Fantasyrama is a simple game that is fun and addictive, especially if you are a fan of farm simulation games. With good visuals and a decent sound track, the game will definitely keep players immersed in its fantasy themed world for hours. While the missing sound effects can deter from the overall experience of the game, we feel that it can easily be overlooked thanks to the game’s addictive gameplay. Highly recommended to both fans of the genre and newcomers alike, Fantasyrama is a game worth checking out.