Rescue Safari: Keep Endangered Animals Safe and Happy

Help endangered animals and learn about them in the process in Rescue Safari. You are a member of a conservation team, tasked to heal, feed and breed animals in a magical island and solve the mystery of your missing uncle. With Yellow Tigers, Lions, Wild Boars and more, there’s plenty of animals to love and care for. With its adorable graphics, unlockable environments and educational tidbits, Rescue Safari is the perfect game for young environmentalists –or is it? Continue Reading →

DC Universe Online: Super Hero Creator Time!

You may have experienced the world of massively multiplayer online gaming before, but it is unlikely that you have played anything with the awe-inspiring style and visuals of DC Universe Online. As an officially-licensed and fully-legitimate creation from DC themselves, DC Universe Online takes the many characters and locations of the DC Universe and sets them in a subscription-based game (after the first month, anyway) that puts you in control of a character that you get to customise many aspects of including his appearance, weapons, and powers. Continue Reading →