Mushbits 2 Game Review – Unusual puzzle gaming

You wouldn’t think that the humble mushroom could ever be the subject of any fun or long-lasting entertainment beyond being eaten as food, but this thinking would be incorrect. In fact, there is a whole sub-genre of games dedicated to the miracle of the mushroom and its use in video gaming entertainment, and Mushbits 2 is just one of the titles in this genre. In fact, Mushbits 2 is one of the greatest games that the highly-specialised mushroom game genre has to offer. Combining the challenge and mental workout of a puzzle game with an unbelievably cute design and impressive, eccentric style, Mushbits 2 requires you to get the small rabbit-like creatures across the tile-based puzzle surface and to the mushrooms that they wish to eat, and the amount of fun to be had whilst doing so is more than you would ever expect from a game that is all about making rabbits eat mushrooms.

Far from your average Sliding Block Puzzle game, Mushbits 2 uses series of different kinds of tile which it challenges you cross using the two tiny bunnies. Each bunny must get to the mushroom of corresponding colour but each of the bunnies can only walk on tiles that are the same colour as them. The mouse is used to click on the bunny you wish to move and to then drag the mouse over the tiles you wish them to hop to, effectively drawing out your desired path with the mouse and letting goo once you are satisfied it is the right path. You are also challenged to complete each level in under a certain number of moves to earn stars.

Deeper and well-considered strategy is required in the later levels because of the different types of tile you have to cross over, each with different properties. Gold tiles can be stepped on by both colours of bunny, for example, while others are moving tiles, freezing tiles, and tiles that invert their colour. If you earn enough stars, you can also unlock perks like being able to invert all colours on the puzzle surface.

Of the many tile-based puzzle games out there, Mushbits 2 is one of the most visually attractive ones that I have laid eyes on. It is highly colourful whilst following a set colour scheme of soft, sky-coloured blues, pinks, and gold, with some wonderfully odd background happenings like big cats and clouds with moustaches passing by behind all of the action. These backgrounds are merely aesthetic and have no bearing on the gameplay whatsoever, showing that great attention has been paid to the smaller details and the look and/or feel of the game as well as the gameplay.

If you are bored of traditional tile-based puzzles, Z3lf’s Mushbits 2 could very well save you from searching for the next game to entertain you because this is likely the one that will do so. With an adorable aesthetic and solid, thought-requiring gameplay, this one will challenge the logical and spatial side of your brain in the most entertaining way possible.