Quirky Titles

Elephant Quest

What do you get when you cross an elephant, lasers and a bowler cap? Why, Elephant Quest of course! This RPG shooter tells the story of an elephant (fittingly named Elephant) that has had his hat stolen by Wooly the Mammoth. Continue Reading →

Mushbits 2

You wouldn’t think that the humble mushroom could ever be the subject of any fun or long-lasting entertainment beyond being eaten as food, but this thinking would be incorrect. In fact, there is a whole sub-genre of games dedicated to the miracle of the mushroom and its use in video gaming entertainment, and Mushbits 2 is just one of the titles in this genre. In fact, Mushbits 2 is one of the greatest games that the highly-specialised mushroom game genre has to offer. Combining the challenge and mental workout of a puzzle game with an unbelievably cute design and impressive, eccentric style, Mushbits 2 requires you to get the small rabbit-like creatures across the tile-based puzzle surface and to the mushrooms that they wish to eat, and the amount of fun to be had whilst doing so is more than you would ever expect from a game that is all about making rabbits eat mushrooms. Continue Reading →

Saras Cooking Class: A delicious series of games

There is a huge selection of cooking games out there that allow you to get involved in preparing food in a variety of contexts. Games like Papa’s Wingeria allow you involve yourself in various stages of the cooking process within a restaurant, whereas games like (Twisted) Cooking Mama use cooking and food as subject matter for a series of mini-games that aren’t really about cooking at all. The Sara’s Cooking Class games are much more practical and friendly in their approach to cooking, though, since they allow you to play through a variety of recipes in an interactive fashion. Continue Reading →

Super Pokemon Rumble (Pokemon Rumble Blast)

The main-series formula of catch, train, and repeat while successful, isn’t the only way to play Pokémon. Spin-offs from the main series have given us Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Pokémon Ranger, but none have been quite so entertaining or true to the essence of Pokémon as Super Pokémon Rumble (or Pokémon Rumble Blast in the US). This game has us battling and befriending Pokémon in toy form, and the game has a rare edge over its game of origin: it has real-time battles. Continue Reading →