Saras Cooking Class Games

Sara simply wants to teach you the recipe to whichever food item that particular game is focused around, and lets you use her kitchen in order to do so. There are 28 Sara’s Cooking Class games to choose from, each with their own unique and incredibly fun recipe to cook along with, both in the flash-based kitchen and in your real-life one as well.

Each Sara’s Cooking Class title adheres to a very accessible and easy-to-follow format. You simply have to cook whichever food item that that particular game is based around by following the recipe, which is provided in a separate menu and lists the ingredients and cooking instructions for you. Once you are familiar with the recipe, you then have to use the mouse in order to navigate around the different sections of the kitchen, utilising all of the available kitchen utensils and ingredients in accordance with the recipe you read at the beginning.

Each of the games involves cooking under a fairly lax time limit in order to make it a little more challenging, but they are made easier by having the next step illustrated on the side of the screen, listing the ingredients that you are looking for in diagram form so that you can easily match them up and pick them out of the various cupboards and sections of the kitchen. You are rewarded points for each stage of the recipe as well, adding a competitive aspect to the games if you wish to take note of these scores.

There is no shortage of Sara’s Cooking Class games to play through, with sweet recipes ranging from Cake Balls to Chocolate Cookies and savoury offerings comprised of Burritos, California Rolls and much, much more. The Sara’s Cooking Class games also follow seasonal patterns as well, with Sara’s Cooking Class: Christmas Dinner allowing you to construct a fully-functioning festive meal recipe and the Halloween Cupcakes edition letting you in on some celebratory sweets that suck you in to the scary season. There really is a selection of recipes for all tastes, and don’t forget that each recipe is entirely applicable to reality in that they can be used in the real kitchen as well.

There is a huge selection of Sara’s Cooking Class games up for grabs, and each one allows you to work through an inventive and delicious recipe in an accessible and interactive manner. These games should appeal mainly to the younger girl, but SpilGames has designed them well enough to be played by anyone, and the all-important mute button is also present (a feature that is often overlooked by developers much to the player’s annoyance).