Zombie Golf Riot

No matter how fervent of a golf fan you are, the time must come when repeatedly hitting and putting a boring old golf ball into the same holes over and over again becomes repetitive and downright boring. Being bored of something that is inherently boring is nothing to be ashamed of, and this fact is proved in the gruesome happenings of Zombie Golf Riot, a distance-based game that takes inspiration from the launch game style and also borrows a little bit of structure from the game of golf as well.

The game doesn’t involve putting, greens, vast courses, golf balls, or even clubs. Instead, the experience is based around chopping off a zombie’s head with the swing of a chainsaw and having the distance that the head travels recorded in order to better yourself and also publish on a scoreboard for all to see. It isn’t golf as we know it, but if the three-word beacon of a title doesn’t get you interested, then nothing will.

Zombie Golf Riot isn’t by any means a traditional golf game. In fact, I would bet that developers BlockDot would pride themselves on the fact that unlike Zombie Golf: Club House of the Dead, the game doesn’t follow the traditional golf game format in any shape or form.

Instead, the subject matter is a bit more gruesome than simply going for 9 or 18 holes; the aim is actually to decapitate a zombie that is scrambling for you while you stand atop a car in a post-apocalyptic world where there isn’t dead or alive any more, only zombies and survivors. The aim is to decapitate the zombie with the chainsaw that you are wielding in your hand and send his head flying as far as you possibly can into the distance.

After the head comes to a halt, the distance is recorded and you then have the option to either publish your score onto a leader board or try again to attain a greater distance. The whole game really is as simple as this, with variation not really being its strong suit.

All actions are controlled with the mouse. You click once to make your swing active, and then you must use the mouse to pull back your chainsaw to the left and swing it to the right as fast as you can in order to produce a full-on gold swing, only with a chainsaw in your hand instead.

The head will fly into the distance and will come up against some variables that either help or hinder it along the way. You will encounter stop signs and tridents that the head may get stuck on (giving you a bonus) and even a flame booster that gives you an unexpected boost to make your head travel a little further.

Zombie Golf Riot feels like it is lacking a set of upgrades and variety in the objects you encounter along the journey, and the visuals could do with some tweaking, but on the whole the golf game is entertaining and may very well fill a few minutes of your time with some gruesome fun that really isn’t that similar to golf whatsoever.